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How are you Tracking Donor Info For your Non-profit?

In today’s technological environment where software capabilities and functionality is constantly changing, there are many non profit organizations who are having conversations about what type of software would make the most sense for them. Sure, collection detailed info about donations, loans, grants and sponsors is easy to do on paper or with a simple database, so that begs the questions: why is donor tracking software taking over in this industry? Are non profit professionals unable to complete fairly simple tasks around these activities without the advent of a donor tracking software capability? Only time will tell how far into the future a software like this can last, in an environment where software specifically geared for non profits is constantly changing, just as the needs and activities of non profits both large and small are changing one quarter to the next. For the time being, there are many reasons for why a non profit would find a software like this to be useful, as long as the software is making the job simple and easy for even the least tech savvy user.

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